Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Laying low in Klippan

Just a short blog tonight, as we have to get up very early tomorrow to catch our flight from Copenhagen to Prague.

We had a very slow morning today, visiting with the other families and trying to help keep the house in order. We eventually headed off at two o'clock to the National Park at Röstånga. It was a short hike down a forested trail (lots of beech trees) to a small lake fed by a spring. The name of the lake evidently has mythic connotations to Odin and the coming of the first Christians. We stayed for a brief picnic before heading out.

Drove to an outdoor swimming pool to cool down (about 28 degrees here now), and them home for a supper of abundant leftovers and a fantastic home-made spit pea soup.

After supper, we went to the neighbours yard, who had built a little playground with a trampoline, a 30 meter zipline, and some swings and such. The boys had a great time until sundown.

Came back and put the kids to bed. Kjell and Per-Yngve (the couple who let us stay in their house) invited us for a night cap of aquavit, bombay saphire gin, lemon snapps, and some sort of pear cognac. we had only little samples, as the high-culutre drinking is a bit new for us. Tired now, and very happy we were able to come to Sweden for over a week. Hope we can come back soon.


Lea said...

Priceless! That picture of the boys by the lake is absolutely priceless!!!! Love it! Hope your ventures to Prague are exciting. The weather has cooled down quite a bit over here, not complaining! Nice to cool down. Take care and tell the boys/Karen we said "hello from the island"!!!

Dana said...

Glad you're having a wonderful time and great to see your progress across the continent. Hi to Karen and the guys. We're off to Savary now, see you in the Fall!