Thursday, July 26, 2007

And on Thursday, they shall rest (or mostly, anyway)

Realizing that we shouldn't push our luck, today was a relatively quiet day in Paris. Let the boys sleep in, organized some laundry, and headed off on a late start to the UNESCO buildings, which are near the Eiffel Tower. I spend two hours with the UNESCO folks from the Intangible Cultural Heritage unit, having an excellent discussion about the status of self-government negotiations in Canada. Canada definately looks like the bad guy on the block these days in terms of the international indigenous rights scene, and the UNESCO folks share in these concerns.

While I talked, Karen and the boys headed to the Arc du Triumph -- Napolean's victory monument, which is now one massive traffic round-about, and then back to Jardin du Luxembourg for some relaxation. I met them there and headed back to the boat pond, which was even more popular with the boys today than yesterday. Where in Ladysmith could the kids push around well-crafted wooden sailboats? We definately need a place like this.

After sailing, Karen headed off for 6 hours of solo-shopping. Clothes shopping is not a gentile activity for two young boys, so we parted paths and headed for our own shopping quarters -- a toy store and fruit smoothies. Alden picked out a knight on horseback, and Elwyn an opposing knight, and adventurer's utility belt. They were happy all night.

Came back to the appartment early, prepared a simple meal here while the boys played (clearly appreciating the slower pace of the day) and Karen arrived back with one small package after being completely overwhelmed in the three elegant, old Paris department stores (single stores, each with more floor-space as Woodgrove Mall, and dedicated basically to clothing). Everyone happily resting, looking forward to our final Parisian day tomorrow. No pix shot today.

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